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Way back in the day my company developed Apple II educational and consumer software products delivered on Apple II single-sided floppy discs. These included interactive games, delightful full-screen graphics and animation, and music. 



Folks swore that you couldn't do music on the Apple II, but we did.

The secrets: Forth '79, which provided an incredibly small footprint and its own operating system.

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> [...]
>>>> Being an old timer I recall a time when the entire OS including the
>>>> windowing system and a large number of applications all fitted in
>>>> under 640KB :-)
>>>> Where did we go wrong ?
>>> I believe back in those days we were using displays with 320x200
>>> pixels, 8 bits color depth. Nowadays we're using 1680x1050 with 32
>>> bits color depth. Instead of 64 KB now it's takes more than 7 MB for a
>>> single display frame.
>> In the graphics controller's state, not your program.
> But that still needs to be created in the program.
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