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1) Erlang is running inside our Mitel Mass Notification product (was
historically Benbria BlazeCast). Also inside the Mitel Mass Notification
Desktop Client which is deployed on Desktop on customer computers
(especially popular in schools and universities across America).

2) Mitel Mass Notification enables faster delivery and acknowledgement of
vital information across a wide range of channels and devices. From crisis
communications (Emergency Notification System) to routine day-to-day
activities such as billing notices, employee communications and
announcements, Mitel Mass Notification enables staff to easily and quickly
send multi-modal messages in real-time.

3) December 2017

4) 100 000+ (Mostly Windows instances of the Mitel Mass Notification
Desktop Client, some Mac and a smaller number of server instances)

5) Millions

6) eric.descourtis@REDACTED

7) OTP, exmpp, lager

On Dec 8, 2017 6:38 AM, "Joe Armstrong" <erlang@REDACTED> wrote:

Erlang is often deployed as a major component in a program, but this
fact is often not widely known.

"Erlang inside" means an Erlang run-time is a part of the system.
So an App written in Elixir, with cowboy, or riak can be in the list.

I'd like to keep a list of systems with "Erlang Inside" - this is useful
for PR.

I'd like:

   1) The information to be public (no commercial secrets please)
       [urls, or references please]
   2) Name and description of product/program and
       [short summary]
   3) Dates when the information was known to be true
   4) Estimates of #systems shipped with Erlang inside
   5) Estimates of the number of users served by the SW
   6) Contact person
       [some person who can be contacted occasionally to
        update the information] -
        No essential but better than "I heard it from a dev in a pub"
   7) The major dependencies (ie uses cowboy, riak, or
        Appname -> Elixir -> cowboy)
   8) Other
       [what is missing?]

Examples (off the top of my head) Sonic Pi, NHS database Spine2,

You can add to this list by adding a post to this thread or by mailing
me (off-list).


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