[erlang-questions] How to disable parentheses matching in Erlang shell?

Lukas Larsson garazdawi@REDACTED
Fri May 13 11:19:55 CEST 2016

I don't think there is any way to turn of only the brace matching feature.
You can always use the oldshell, i.e. "erl -oldshell", but you loose a lot
of other feature that you may want in the shell.

The problem you are experiencing normally happens when the erlang shell has
a different idea of how wide your terminal is then what it actually is.
I've found that this can normally be fixed by making sure that you have a
80 characters wide terminal window that erlang is running in, as 80 is the
default if erlang can't find out from ncurses what the terminal size is.


On Thu, May 12, 2016 at 9:55 PM, Grzegorz Junka <list1@REDACTED> wrote:

> This has been bothering me for quit a while. I am using FreeBSD for Erlang
> development and it happens that in the Erlang shell, when I am writing a
> long command, and say I am closing a bracket, the shell automatically jumps
> the cursor to the opening bracket to show me which bracket has been closed.
> That would be a great feature if it worked fine. On longer lines the cursor
> jumps back to some random place and then jumps back to some other random
> place and then the whole shell is messed up. I have to copy the command to
> a text editor, delete all characters from the current command line in the
> shell, edit the command in the editor, then copy it back to the shell. When
> copying the command to the shell it doesn't try to jump the cursor and
> doesn't mess my shell. I also saw this behaviour on other systems, e.g. Red
> Hat. Is there any way of disabling this "jumping" feature?
> Grzegorz
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