[erlang-questions] Why we need a -module() attribute?

Richard A. O'Keefe ok@REDACTED
Fri Feb 26 02:47:29 CET 2016

On 26/02/16 12:09 pm, Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:
I see your point. For me a directory is easier to work with than an 
archive, when it comes to source code, but it's just me.

The ideal situation would in fact be for the operating system to be able
to mount a compressed archive as a directory.  ("It's a floor wax AND a
desert topping!")  (Packing the 1600 source files -- which are in several
directories -- into a compressed archive reduces the space to 21% and
that means less time when looking at them too.)

I believe Windows can do that out of the box.
fuse-zip can do it for Linux, and
apparently it works with OSXFUSE, the successor to MacFUSE.
I don't know if there's anything like this for OpenBSD or Solaris.

I once chose to unpack an archive with oodles of data files instead of
taking the time to write a program reading directly out of the archive.
One of the stupidest decisions I ever made in programming, and I've
made quite a few.

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