[erlang-questions] An elegant implementation of multi pollset for Erlang VM

Younès HAFRI irfah.senuoy@REDACTED
Thu Feb 18 21:42:01 CET 2016

Compiles only on Linux and the "accept" call never returns in my case:
> {ok, S} = gen_socket:accept( L ).

ArchLinux 64-bit (kernel 3.14.51), RAM 128gB, Erlang R16B03.

Is it production ready???

I join Max here: 1gb/sec isn't that hard to achieve in Erlang with
enough Cores.

Le Thursday, February 18, 2016, Max Lapshin <max.lapshin@REDACTED> a
écrit :

> Very cool!
> But frankly speaking, not clear what problem are you solving.
> Our Flussonic after removing 70% of NIF and other C code (that were
> supposed to be optimizing) is serving right now about 10 gbit/s from single
> machine, taking about 12 cores from 24 core Xeon on 2.1 Ghz.
> It is not easy, because many of thousands of connected users are connected
> via wifi or rotten copper so it is not a very easy task to deliver them
> video.
> Test benchmarks on localhost show about 25-30 gbit/s, but it is on
> localhost and benchmark which is a lie.
> But we have small amount of users: about 10-15 thousands of active
> connections.  Comet server can have much more.  What is your load profile?
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