[erlang-questions] Request feedback on example project

Stefan Hellkvist hellkvist@REDACTED
Wed Feb 3 21:03:48 CET 2016

> https://github.com/zxq9/zuuid
> No ninja tricks should be in there. If there are any please bring them to
> my attention so they can be removed.


Your example in the top Readme...
13> zuuid:string(zuuid:v1()). "{86BAD2C8-C9AF-11E5-9A38-1234567890AB}"
...at least, to me, seems to indicate that the returned UUID:s are wrapped with {}. I would expect such a call to return the bare, unwrapped string representation of the UUID. Same for the example with zuuid:binary. Or have I misunderstood your intentions with the library or the definition of a UUID?


> Thanks
> -Craig
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