[erlang-questions] eunit question

Michael Martin mmartin4242@REDACTED
Tue Nov 3 02:21:14 CET 2015

Hi all,

I'm a bit perplexed about this one. eunit is giving me an "unexpected 
success" when testing a function with guards.
The source code and the output from ./rebar eu are attached.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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==> test1 (eunit)
======================== EUnit ========================
module 'test1_sup'
test1: test1_test (module 'test1')...src/test1.erl:11:<0.46.0>: Argument: not_a_binary
src/test1.erl:12:<0.46.0>: Is a binary: false
in function test1:'-test1_test/0-fun-0-'/1 (src/test1.erl, line 22)
                         {expression,"test1 ( TestMap , not_a_binary )"},
                         {pattern,"{ error , function_clause , [...] }"},

module 'test1_app'
  [done in 0.001 s]
  Failed: 1.  Skipped: 0.  Passed: 0.
Cover analysis: /tmp/test1/.eunit/index.html

Code Coverage:
test1     : 100%
test1_app :   0%
test1_sup :   0%

Total     : 55%
ERROR: One or more eunit tests failed.
ERROR: eunit failed while processing /tmp/test1: rebar_abort

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