[erlang-questions] epmd/JInterface when vpn is active

zxq9 zxq9@REDACTED
Thu Mar 26 06:58:01 CET 2015

On 2015年3月25日 水曜日 22:04:08 Luke Imhoff wrote:
> Whenever I turn on my work VPN, JInterface can no longer talk to an erlang
> node I'm running.  Both nodes are on my laptop.
> I start the erlang node, `iex --sname intellij_elixir -S mix`, but the test
> times out, `did not receive message from
> Elixir.IntellijElixir.Quoter@REDACTED`.  If I turn off the vpn, the
> connection works.  I've tried killing epmd and making sure it starts once
> the VPN is active, in case it's binding to a different interface, but it
> still doesn't work until I kill the VPN.

Whenever someone says "doesn't work with VPN turned on" I immediately suspect 
a DNS resolution failure, a routing problem, or both.

Nearly all VPN utilities will require both alterations to your packet routing 
(hopefully just within the VPNs range, but a lot of them default to just 
crushing your routing tables and making EVERYTHING run through the VPN), and 
to take over DNS resolution (once again, this is best when its configured to 
only resolve whatever is in the private network, but I nearly always see them 
configured to just take over ALL DNS resolution).

"intellij_elixir" is something you might want to try throwing in /etc/hosts, 
or specifying localhost as the name or whatever. In any case, this is the 
direction I would look first.

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