[erlang-questions] epmd/JInterface when vpn is active

Luke Imhoff kronic.deth@REDACTED
Thu Mar 26 06:04:08 CET 2015

Whenever I turn on my work VPN, JInterface can no longer talk to an erlang
node I'm running.  Both nodes are on my laptop.

I start the erlang node, `iex --sname intellij_elixir -S mix`, but the test
times out, `did not receive message from
Elixir.IntellijElixir.Quoter@REDACTED`.  If I turn off the vpn, the
connection works.  I've tried killing epmd and making sure it starts once
the VPN is active, in case it's binding to a different interface, but it
still doesn't work until I kill the VPN.

Is there anyway to debug what's happening with epmd or the message that
JInterface can't deliver?
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