[erlang-questions] Learning from Open Source projects?

Harit Himanshu harit.subscriptions@REDACTED
Thu Mar 26 06:23:47 CET 2015

Hello there!

This is not exactly Erlang question, but since I am learning Erlang, I
wanted to post this question here.

Firstly, I am erlang newbie.
I am reading book(s) and trying problems on Hackerrank
I lose interest pretty quickly if I do not have project idea in my mind. So
as I started searching, I get ideas like


Which brings an interesting point to me. I do like to read code. But what's
the strategy?

So questions are

   1. How do you read/learn open-source library?
   2. What techniques do you use to make sure you understand it correctly?
   3. What Erlang projects (specifically) would you recommend a beginner to
   take a look, read and contribute

Please share your ideas
Thank you
+ Harit
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