[erlang-questions] Changes to Erlang.org Code of Conduct

Bruce Yinhe community-manager@REDACTED
Fri Mar 20 16:47:48 CET 2015

Hello everyone,

There has been some attention given to the Code of Conduct since its
publication. We highly appreciate the feedback from the members of the
community. We are aware that certain sections have caused confusion and
therefore would like to clarify the intent of the Code of Conduct and to
announce some changes in the text.

1. The Code of Conduct was created on request from community members.
2. The style policy is now removed from the Code of Conduct. It was
mistakenly placed in the Code of Conduct as it was originally intended as a
sole “recommendation” or “guideline”.
3. We appreciate the good work and conduct of all our community members.
Over the course of the past seventeen years, there has never been an
incident of bad conduct of any community member. For those who never heard
from a moderator, there is a very low probability they will hear from one.
4. The Code of Conduct is open to discussion. You are welcome to submit
your suggestions of edits to community-manager@REDACTED

With the aim of creating a welcoming, inclusive climate within the
erlang.org community, we deem a Code of Conduct necessary and important to
communicate our values to the people in our community, and to people who
might be considering joining our community. Since our expectations of what
is appropriate are not always in line with one another, a policy like this
sets the ground rules and ensures that everyone is on the same page without
any grey areas.

You may read the updated Code of Conduct here

Best regards

Bruce Yinhe
Erlang Community Manager
Industrial Erlang User Group
+46 72 311 43 89
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