[erlang-questions] Announcing Erlang.org Code of Conduct

Gordon Guthrie gguthrie@REDACTED
Mon Mar 16 15:09:36 CET 2015

On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 2:04 PM, Anthony Ramine <n.oxyde@REDACTED> wrote:

> Le 16 mars 2015 à 15:02, Gordon Guthrie <gguthrie@REDACTED> a écrit :
> > Yes, you've said that.
> >
> > But you might want to say something you would do.
> The only logical thing to do: dispose of harassers when you discover they
> are. Not try to hide their presence by removing elements that might make
> the worst part of themselves appear.

I propose to do that by making it clear that if these events occur:
* the person being harassed will be believed
* action will be taken
* the harasser will be removed

I intend to do this by writing it down and making it known in advance of
any event I organise.

I call this 'a code of conduct'.

Also, having tested my promotional material (t-shirts, etc) with the target
audience I will continue to try and find ones that have the widest possible

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