[erlang-questions] Yet Another MNESIA net split recover question

Roberto Ostinelli roberto@REDACTED
Tue Mar 3 21:32:30 CET 2015

Dear List,
I have ram-only connected mnesia nodes. Every node inserts data of sockets
that are connected to that specific node.

I'm considering net splits events and the resulting partition event that
happens with mnesia.

When one of these happen, I can identify the data that relates to the other
partitioned nodes, so on every node I remove all data of other nodes.

After this operation, there cannot be any possible merge conflicts.

The question is: how do I set mnesia to go back into syncing the nodes?

I've seen that a common practice is to stop and restart mnesia after
selecting a master node. This is not what I want: I have already
successfully resolved all conflicts.

I've seen in Ulf's unsplit that the function
mnesia_controller:connect_nodes/2 is used to reconnect nodes. However, I
cannot find any documentation for this function and I wander if that would
be a good option.

Any idea on how to reconnect nodes and have mnesia act "normal" again after
a partitioned event without stopping/starting it?

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