[erlang-questions] Unity and Erlang

Ivan Carmenates Garcia ivan@REDACTED
Sat Jan 31 18:52:02 CET 2015

Hi guys, it is nice to be back, to this emailing list,

I was wondering about an idea, what about a framework to communicate Unity 
and Erlang. In the past two or three years, I was posting about a framework 
I made, called EVO Extended Visual Otp, which integrated a way to connect C# 
and Erlang, very simple and powerful, but unfortunately nobody liked C# by 
those days, and I abandoned the project working fine. Now you cannot imagine 
my joy when I found out about Unity, I never though that something like it 
were even possible to exists, I always dreamed with making games, and game 
servers, that why I learned Erlang in the first place, but didn't knew that 
game engines with that power even exist!, then I found unity by accident, 
and was awesome when I figure out that you can program in it with C#, my 
another beloved language, was like a dream came true.

Now I decided that I want to make EVO for Unity, since I love also Unity and 
I'm learn it full, but rebuilding it from scratch since in the old one, I 
use otp.net for internal connection between both languages, but now I want 
to make it simpler and using pure tcp socket connections to build the nice 
EVO layers on top. So I will appreciate any help regard any ways of low 
level connections between this two nice languages.

I saw this 
and I like, but an extra advice would be appreciated.

Best regards,
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