[erlang-questions] Garbage Collection, BEAM memory and Erlang memory

Fred Hebert mononcqc@REDACTED
Wed Jan 28 17:19:37 CET 2015

On 01/28, Roberto Ostinelli wrote:
> Here's the erl_crash.dump analysis, done with the nice Fred's script:
> analyzing erl_crash.dump, generated on:  Wed Jan 28 13:59:36 2015
> Slogan: Received SIGUSR1
> File descriptors open:
> ===
>   UDP:  0
>   TCP:  180071
>   Files:  6
>   ---
>   Total:  180077

So uh, is 180,000 TCP ports the number you have or expect? Could you be
running out of these and then massive erroring takes place or anything
like that? What are the limits in place for your system?

> Do you see anything wrong there? I honestly don't.

Nothing looks obviously wrong. At this point my number one suspsicion
would be some process(es) that suddenly get lots of messages (links,
monitors, node monitors, general events) and fill their mailboxes. This
then prompts for GCs, which suspends the process, copies the mailbox to
the heap, and then runs again.

This kind of stuff can sometimes spiral out of control.

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