[erlang-questions] Gun process gone

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Wed Jan 14 18:52:13 CET 2015

Hi Roberto,

Some suggestions:

1. Are you sure the server is not just closing the connection? Then since you set retry to 0, gun doesn't try to reconnect. Have you checked last server response headers?

2. How consecutive are these calls? gun's default keepalive setting is 5 seconds.

Also, what server are you using?

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 18:05:32 +0100
From: roberto@REDACTED
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Subject: [erlang-questions] Gun process gone

Dear list,I'm using gun as a HTTP client. I've chosen gun because I want a HTTP library that does not retry to reconnect or to issue a call on error. I was previously using hackney, but I couldn't set it to not retry automatically.
Si, in gun I set {retry, 0} in the Options of the gun:open/3 call.
I'm issuing consecutive calls, but after 3 or 4 calls (randomly) the gun process exits, and all I get is:
crashed with reason: gone in gun:retry_loop/2 line 449

I don't have any problems with the same server and another library. Has anyone seen this behavior with gun?

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