[erlang-questions] escript standard archive layout

Éric Pailleau eric.pailleau@REDACTED
Sun Aug 23 14:32:45 CEST 2015

You may look at this plugin for erlang.mk :


Le 23 août 2015 02:15, Felix Gallo <felixgallo@REDACTED> a écrit :
> I've recently had the opportunity to dive into escripts a little.  Fascinating.  
> I haven't been able to glean a few things from the documentation, however, and if anyone has experience with escripts, I'd love to hear their thoughts.
> 1.  It looks like, if your OTP application named 'bob' with one dependency 'mary' looks like this:
> src/bob.erl
> ebin/bob.beam
> ebin/bob.app.src
> deps/mary/src/mary.erl
> deps/mary/ebin/mary.beam
> deps/mary/ebin/mary.app.src
> priv/secret.code
> that the code module wants to get an {archive, ZippedBinary} block that unzips to
> bob/ebin/bob.beam
> bob/ebin/bob.app.src
> mary/ebin/mary.app.src
> mary/ebin/mary.beam
> priv/secret.code
> is that, for want of a formal document, the accepted right way of forming an archive block, all else being equal?
> 2.  Is there an escript 2nd-line (%%!) best practice/optimal options for most standard escripts that some old timer can recommend?
> F.

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