[erlang-questions] escript standard archive layout

Loïc Hoguin essen@REDACTED
Sun Aug 23 14:35:30 CEST 2015

He did. This plugin is a user contribution with a particular layout 
(taken from mad), and we want to improve it. But as far as we can see 
there is no standard layout for escripts, hence the first question.

On 08/23/2015 02:32 PM, Éric Pailleau wrote:
> Hello
> You may look at this plugin for erlang.mk :
> https://github.com/ninenines/erlang.mk/blob/master/plugins/escript.mk
> Regards
> Le 23 août 2015 02:15, Felix Gallo <felixgallo@REDACTED> a écrit :
>> I've recently had the opportunity to dive into escripts a little.  Fascinating.
>> I haven't been able to glean a few things from the documentation, however, and if anyone has experience with escripts, I'd love to hear their thoughts.
>> 1.  It looks like, if your OTP application named 'bob' with one dependency 'mary' looks like this:
>> src/bob.erl
>> ebin/bob.beam
>> ebin/bob.app.src
>> deps/mary/src/mary.erl
>> deps/mary/ebin/mary.beam
>> deps/mary/ebin/mary.app.src
>> priv/secret.code
>> that the code module wants to get an {archive, ZippedBinary} block that unzips to
>> bob/ebin/bob.beam
>> bob/ebin/bob.app.src
>> mary/ebin/mary.app.src
>> mary/ebin/mary.beam
>> priv/secret.code
>> is that, for want of a formal document, the accepted right way of forming an archive block, all else being equal?
>> 2.  Is there an escript 2nd-line (%%!) best practice/optimal options for most standard escripts that some old timer can recommend?
>> F.
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