[erlang-questions] noisy failures

t x txrev319@REDACTED
Wed Apr 2 13:59:17 CEST 2014


## context:

  * I'm using erlang.mk + relx

  * I'm running my erlang apps as one of the following:
      _rel/bin/app_name start
      _rel/bin/app_name console

  * what I like about "_rel/bin/app_name start" <-- I feel like this
is the right way for production use

  * what I like about "_rel/bin/app_name console" <-- I get noisy
failures (i.e. when something goes wrong, it floods stdout

## what I want:

  I want to use "_rel/bin/app_name start", yet get the same level of
errors/warnings/assertions as I do when I run it as "_rel/bin/app_name

## what I have tried:

  * _rel/bin/app_name start
  * _rel/bin/app_name remote_console

  However, "start + remote_console" does not seem to get me the same
amount of errors as I do from "console".

## question:

  Is there a wya to use start + remote_console, yet get the same level
of errors / warnings as with "console"?


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