[erlang-questions] Farewell to Erlang

Nathan Fiedler nathanfiedler@REDACTED
Tue Apr 1 17:25:59 CEST 2014

With my help I hope you receive at least 11 emails on Erlang today. :)

I'd like to say hello to the group. I've been interested in Erlang for ages
and the last few weeks I've finally been doing something about it. Learn
You Some Erlang for Great Good has been educating and entertaining me
thoroughly, making learning the language a joy.

My immediate goal is to write a small project to backup files to Amazon
Glacier, but eventually I want to find a job that involves Erlang. After
learning Erlang, Python has lost its luster, as has Go, not to mention Java
and Clojure.

By the way, I'm pretty sure the original message was an April Fools joke.
At least I hope so. :)


On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, Ivan Carmenates García <co7eb@REDACTED>

> Hi all, hi Dmitry,
> Well I don't know so good, what happened and why you are leaving, but I
> know that the Erlang community is getting small, since months ago I was
> receiving 30 emails per day from the community and now I merely receive 5
> or 10 in the better cases.
> I'm just a simple Erlang programmer, since 2008, but have been fan to
> Erlang since I met it for the first time, and I will always defend it no
> matter what!, but I'm not a hero, not by myself, the hero is all of us
> contributing every each grain bit of knowledge, and that, combined with the
> real heroes, the ones who are in the back-end of Erlang, the ones that
> build Erlang through our contributions, all of that kinds of heroes makes
> possible today Erlang to be recognized, if not by the common programmers,
> by the Companies that wants to use it because Erlang is better than its old
> and traditional model. All that was possible because of the heroes, and a
> hero never left to be a hero and never give up.
> Best regards,
> Ivan.
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