[erlang-questions] [ANN] Erlang Easy Profiling (eep) provides a way to analyze application performance and call hierarchy

virtan virtan@REDACTED
Mon Nov 25 22:11:11 CET 2013

Hi all.

I just want to present to the community my small project which provides a way
to analyze performance of your running application and to visualize
function call hierarchy (with power of kcachegrind as a GUI tool).

It helped me to find some bottlenecks in our application, would be great
if it helps someone else.


Main features:

	• no need to modify sources (doesn't need sources at all)
	• no need to stop your running system
	• start and stop collecting runtime data at arbitrary time
	• profile arbitrary module or whole system
	• minimal impact on profiled system performance (unlike fprof)
	• very informative visualization of time costs and call stacks (kcachegrind)
	• ability to export call graphs in dot or image format
	• optional process separation
	• based on dbg module and built-in low overhead trace ports

Here is an example what you can get using it:

Permissive MIT license.

virtan / virtan@REDACTED / http://www.virtan.com

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