[erlang-questions] Stopping gen_server during processing

Janos Hary janos.n.hary@REDACTED
Fri Nov 8 10:43:40 CET 2013

Sorry, I cannot see how could it work in Erlang.

I have a handle_info processing a large number of records:
handle_info(check, State) ->

check_records(State) ->
	do some work...
	case State#stop_flag of
		true ->
			{stop, normal, State};
		_ ->

The State in check_records cannot changed from another cast. I'm not even
sure that the cast will execute before check_records finishes.


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These are my opinions, not hard facts.

Add a member to the gen_server state record that says that you are going to
stop when possible. Use a cast to set it to true when you want to stop. If
it is true and you can stop the gen_server, stop it.


On Fri, 2013-11-08 at 08:55 +0100, Janos Hary wrote:
> All,
> I have a gen_server process which periodically processes new records 
> from a database. I use timer:send_after to schedule gathering and 
> processing new records. I can gracefully stop the gen_server when it 
> is waiting, but I need a way to stop it during processing. Of cause I 
> only want to stop it at certain points of the processing, for example 
> before starting to process the next record. I need to group the 
> records, so I cannot ask them one by one from the db.
> What is the preferred way of doing this?
> Thanks for your answers in advance.
> Janos
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