[erlang-questions] CTH with code:add_paths/1

Sylvain Benner sylvain.benner@REDACTED
Tue Jul 23 14:12:18 CEST 2013

Nevermind, ct_run changes the working directory so the passed relative code 
paths were incorrect.

Le lundi 22 juillet 2013 17:14:54 UTC-4, Sylvain Benner a écrit :
> I have a CTH which starts and ends an OTP app in pre_init_per_suite and 
> post_end_per_suite respectively.
> In the documentation there is mention of interactive and embedded mode, 
> then in ct_run there is the -shell option but it ignores the -spec option 
> and I have to start it manually. T start the tests more quickly, I would 
> prefere to only type ct_run -spec my.spec on the command line and be able 
> to add some code paths to the code server to be able to start my app.
> Is it possible to use code:add_paths/1 in a CTH when using ct_run -spec ?
> Cheers,
> syl20bnr
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