[erlang-questions] [ANN] NkSIP Erlang SIP Application Server

Carlos González Florido carlosj.gf@REDACTED
Wed Jul 10 18:49:21 CEST 2013


I'm happy to announce the first open source release[1] of NkSIP, an Erlang
framework to ease the building of SIP applications. SIP is a very powerful,
flexible and complex protocol, and NkSIP tries to facilitate the
development of any SIP application, including proxies and B2BUAs, allowing
the developer to focus on the application logic.

The main features are:

   - Full RFC3261 coverage, including SIP Registrar (RAM storage only).
   - A written from scratch, fully typed Erlang code easy to understand and
   extend, with more than 50 unit tests.
   - Hot core and application code upgrade.
   - Very few external dependencies: Lager for error logging and Cowboy as
   TCP/SSL acceptor and Websocket server.
   - UDP, TCP and TLS transports, capable of handling thousands of
   simultaneous sessions.
   - Stateful proxy servers with serial and parallel forking.
   - Stateless proxy servers, even using TCP/TLS.
   - Automatic registrations and timed pings.
   - Dialog and SDP media start and stop detection.
   - SDP processing utilities.
   - Simple STUN server (for future SIP Outbound support).
   - Robust and highly scalable, using all available processor cores.

NkSIP is currently alpha quality and not suitable for production, but it is
quite robust and has already a decent documentation, a tutorial and some
sample applications.

There is also some exciting stuff in the radar like SIP Websockets support
and a fully distributed version based on Riak Core.

Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you!

[1] https://github.com/kalta/nksip

Carlos González
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