[erlang-questions] inconsistent results with fragmented table

Evgeny M donpedrothird@REDACTED
Sat Jul 6 11:17:30 CEST 2013

This may happen if  you used dirty_write functions, even if you did this in 
activity with mnesia_frag callback

пятница, 5 июля 2013 г., 19:07:35 UTC+4 пользователь Noah Schwartz написал:
> I have a table of type set that worked fine as a non-fragmented table. We 
> started seeing performance issues with the table and with the anticipation 
> of more clients in the system, we were worried the size would exceed the 2 
> GB max. 
> The table contains chat messages and we purge records older than 7 days. 
> There seem to be a number of keys that don't show up in a read activity 
> but, do show up when doing a table dump, a select, or using qlc to find 
> records. As such, when this purge policy runs records are found that when I 
> try to delete don't actually get deleted. It almost seems like read/delete 
> are working off of one set while qlc is working off of another set.
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