[erlang-questions] [ANN] ecirca - fast mutable circular arrays for Erlang

Dmitry Groshev lambdadmitry@REDACTED
Fri Jul 5 23:51:28 CEST 2013

The project: https://github.com/band115/ecirca
ecirca is a library for working with fast mutable circular arrays of
integer values. It's NIF-based, heavily tested (Proper is an outstanding
tool for testing you NIF-related stuff!) and it's in production for more
than two years now.

Features include:
-store integers of different sizes (int16, int32, int64 minus 4 bits for
special values described below);
-quickly set them;
-"push" values, removing ones at the end (the size of array is provided at
it's creation and can't be changed later);
-update values using aggregate functions, such as "min", "max", "sum" and
-store special values, represented as atoms of 2 different types: "weak"
ones that can be rewritten by integer if the value is updated ("empty" is
such atom) and "strong" ones that can't;
-export an entire structure as an Erlang binary and load it back.
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