[erlang-questions] BNF/EBNF Grammar for Erlang

Ryan Molden ryanmolden@REDACTED
Fri Nov 11 21:28:12 CET 2011

Yeah, no luck.  Neotoma (near as I can tell) is based at seancribbs /
neotoma (with numerous forks).  It is a parser generator for Erlang
that *understands* PEGs, it does not, itself, contain a PEG for the
actual Erlang language, just some trivial PEG examples for things like JSON
and some simple DSLs.

I am looking for an up-to-date BNF/EBNF/PEG grammar for the Erlang language

Vlad's recommendation looks like the closest yet, so maybe I will move
forward with it and then just 'sanity check' against the compiler if there
is confusion or things that differ from the (somewhat old) grammar in the
4.7 doc on the erlang.org site.

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 10:53 AM, Ryan Molden <ryanmolden@REDACTED> wrote:

> Yeah I saw a peg called erlang.peg but it didn't seem like Erlang as it
> was missing most all the terminals (keywords, operators, etc...). Maybe I
> overlooked them or was looking in the wrong file, I will dig around some
> more, thanks (both).
> Ryan
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> > Not clear how that helps, is there a grammar in there somewhere I am
> > missing? I looked around a little on the github page for it with no
> > success.
> It uses standard PEG, like EBNF/BNF, but not ambiguous like those are,
> check both the range in the root directory, and check the extra directory
> for samples.  As for PEG, even Wikipedia has a good detailed description,
> but if you know EBNF, you basically already know it except for one or two
> operators.
> >
> > Ryan
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> > You should take a look at neotoma
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