[erlang-questions] BNF/EBNF Grammar for Erlang

Ryan Molden ryanmolden@REDACTED
Fri Nov 11 19:53:00 CET 2011

Yeah I saw a peg called erlang.peg but it didn't seem like Erlang as it was
missing most all the terminals (keywords, operators, etc...). Maybe I
overlooked them or was looking in the wrong file, I will dig around some
more, thanks (both).

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On Nov 11, 2011 10:38 AM, "Ryan Molden" <ryanmolden@REDACTED> wrote:
> Not clear how that helps, is there a grammar in there somewhere I am
> missing? I looked around a little on the github page for it with no
> success.

It uses standard PEG, like EBNF/BNF, but not ambiguous like those are,
check both the range in the root directory, and check the extra directory
for samples.  As for PEG, even Wikipedia has a good detailed description,
but if you know EBNF, you basically already know it except for one or two

> Ryan
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> You should take a look at neotoma
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