[erlang-questions] Two beautiful programs - or web programming made easy

Edmond Begumisa ebegumisa@REDACTED
Sun Feb 13 18:54:59 CET 2011

On Mon, 14 Feb 2011 04:08:05 +1100, Jerome Martin  
<tramjoe.merin@REDACTED> wrote:

>  - Preventing that beauty from happening (not supporting features  
> enabling it), or claiming it is not necessary (presenting ugly code that  
> does not
> feel right and claiming it is the same) seems like the worst thing to do,
> even if alternatives can be motivated (security reasons, etc.).

And BTW: I was presenting the ugly code precisely to show that although  
similar, it doesn't not feel right, and hence, NOT supporting the features  
enabling the beautiful code is holding everyone back from coming up with  
great ideas like Joe's.

- Edmond -

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