announce SEGB-0.1

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Fri Feb 11 19:08:35 CET 2011

Announcing SEBG-0.1

SEBG = Simple Erlang Browser Graphics

This is a system to push graphics to a browser.

Using this you can make interactive graphics in a websockets enabled browser
in a few lines of code.

It consists of a simple web server. The browser
opens a web socket and the web server spawns a process to
handle the socket. I set up a middle man to handle the socket.
Thereafter the handler can push asynchronous messages to the browser.

These message contain Javascript expressions. All the code in the
browser does is wait for a message, eval it and wait for the next message.

Then I make sure jquery and Raphael are loaded, after which
I send Javascript messages to the browser contain Javascript expressions
that create SVG objects by calling library functions in Raphael

The code for all of this is surprisingly simple, and it is very easy to push
asynchronous message to the browser.

I have also included a number of suggests for projects based on this.
This list often gets request for suitable problems to solve. Building on
this simple code it should be possible to implement simple multi-user
games and so on. Being able to push asynchronous messages to the browser
makes like very easy.

Have a look. The code is at



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