[erlang-questions] web framework, db, architecture query, with requirements

Atilla Erdődi atilla.erdodi@REDACTED
Thu Feb 10 16:45:15 CET 2011

2011/2/7 Icarus Alive <icarus.alive@REDACTED>:
> Thanks for the pointer to Zotonic. The feature set is quite
> impressive, however my understanding is that CMS is good where content
> needs to be seen by lots and lots of people, and you have lots of
> content to organize, make it searchable, classifiable etc. Just to
> clarify my requirement a bit further, this is for a rather niche
> service, where small groups of people have access to a fairly limited
> set of content, and that content changes quite frequently, i.e.
> content older than few days gets purged. And there are possibly
> hundreds of thousands of such small groups. Would you say a CMS is
> good for such application ?

The scenario you are describing here is similar what we're using
Zotonic for at Maxclass (http://www.maxclass.com), and we're
developing it towards that direction. Maybe it's not appropriate to
call Zotonic a CMS anymore, however it does include one.


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