[erlang-questions] How to connect erlang nodes over IPv6 (on Ubuntu 10.04 server installations, Erlang R14B1)?

Tony Rogvall tony@REDACTED
Sat Feb 5 23:02:24 CET 2011


Yes the -proto_dist inet6_tcp is required, since the default is inet_tcp. A (near) future release may even
default to handle both ipv6 and ipv4. The transition to ipv6 will happen any day now ;-)

Any how, at least on my mac I discovered that epmd did not accept IPv6 connection for 
looking up the port name. 

erl_epmd:port_please("b", {127,0,0,1}, 1000).          

erl_epmd:port_please("b", {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1}, 1000). 

I have not been hacking on this for years ! Any one know the status of this ?


On 5 feb 2011, at 09.01, Boris Mühmer wrote:

> I try to connect Erlang nodes using only IPv6. But somehow it doesn't
> work. The systems in questions are Ubuntu 10.04 based server setups.
> The DNS names of the participating hosts resolv only to IPv6
> addresses. "ping6" and "traceroute6" work without any problems.
> After running "erl -name node-X", I try to "net_adm:ping/1" the other
> host, but I only get "pang"s.
> I also tried to add "-proto_dist inet6_tcp" (found this information
> with google) to the erl command line, but it doesn't improve the
> situation.
> Does anyone have any hints how to start an IPv6 based Erlang "cluster", please?
>  - boris
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