Command-line Debugger?

Ahmed Al-Saadi thatpythonguy@REDACTED
Tue Feb 1 15:28:34 CET 2011

Sorry if this was double-submitted, but I think that it didn't go to the 
original group on the first attempt:


I'm a newcomer to Erlang (from Python). I've had great difficulties in 
using the wx-based debugger and was wondering if there is a command-line 
alternative a la python's pdb?!

It seems that every time I use the default debugger, my Wish app hangs 
or crashes. Even with the latest release of wxErlang (0.97.1212), I was 
not even able to set a breakpoint!

The use of a good debugger to trace program execution is invaluable in 
learning a new language--a pedagogical role, in addition to its normal 
troubleshooting role.

Any ideas of how I can improve the situation of my development 
environment? Is there another command-line debugger? My platform is 
MacOS X 10.6.6 with Erlang R14B... and, no, changing platforms is not an 
option ;)  Also, if I knew how to write a debugger at this point in 
time, I would try to do so! Some guidance from a veteran could help.


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