Horses for courses (Erlang vs. node.js, etc.)

Hendrik Visage hvjunk@REDACTED
Sat Oct 30 11:29:07 CEST 2010

Hi there,

 One of my pet "peefs" in life, is the language/browser/editor/OS wars. And
as such, when a language/browser/OS/editor wants to become everything to
everybody, you see the Emacs/Windows/Eclipse/etc. bloat happening (Yes, I
*DO* use Emacs, and vi, and cat, and ex and notepad and Eclipse)

 Now on to Erlang vs. Node.js:

 Each have it's place, and you have to consider what/where/how you need to
deploy something, and based on that you will make your decisions on the
language, OS, VM etc.

 Do not take me wrong, as I will find several places I will not use Erlang,
but then there are places I can't use Java either, and javascript have a
specific place too.

 So: Yes, I do like Erlang, and yes I do like to see it improved... BUT I
still subscribe to the view that a system/specification is complete, not
when you can't add anything anymore, but when you can't remove anything


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