ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshop Steering Committee

Bjarne Däcker bjarne@REDACTED
Sat Oct 30 11:04:55 CEST 2010

Dear Erlang Friends

The following Steering Committee for the ACM SIGPLAN Erlang Workshops has been created

Simon Thompson, chairperson
Clara Benac Earle
Lars-Åke Fredlund
Scott Lystig Fritchie
Zolán Horváth
Francesco Cesarini (adjunct)
Bjarne Däcker (adjunct)

They are all recent workshop chairpersons or programme chairpersons. The idea is that new chairpersons will join the committee and older ones successively drop out. Up to now the final discussion at a workshop has ended by electing the two chairpersons for the coming workshop. They have then had to turn to their predecessors to learn about thier duties.

The Steering Committee will firm up the routines around the workshops and also be able to give new chairpersons better support.

The next step is to prepare for a workshop in connection with ICFP September 19-21, 2011 in Tokyo.

Best wishes

Bjarne Däcker
(manager of CSLab at Ericsson 1984-2002 where Erlang was invented)

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