[erlang-questions] Graphics, and 2d display.

Angel clist@REDACTED
Fri Jan 29 11:26:33 CET 2010

On Viernes, 29 de Enero de 2010 03:51:19 G.S. escribió:
> Hi,
> Is there anyway to display something like moving 2d ASCII art... I'm trying
> to simulate server/client systems and show connections and movements of
>  data in ASCII... so Clients are Os and Servers are X, and I would like to
>  show a plane with Xs and Os, and lines going from one to another to
>  demonstrate data-flow, but this has to be updatable live, on a fixed
>  screen, so that when another Server or Client goes live, it is right away
>  demonstrated graphically on this plane. something like the top command,
>  only instead of the columns of data, I would show the Xs and Os and data
>  flow between them... If that makes any sense.
> Regards,
> -Gene
I would search a port curses approach. Just a few routines to receive data 
from erlang (the whole list of objects or maybe update) and display them. 
Curses will care of screen repainting and effcient updates.

If you want to prototype fast there is a ascii art screensaver made in Perl
you can try control it from erlang...

asciiaquarium: http://www.robobunny.com/projects/asciiquarium/html/

well your are not constrained to 2D :-)




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