[erlang-questions] Re: Will parameterized modules become an official part of Erlang?

Andrew Thompson andrew@REDACTED
Mon Feb 22 04:43:11 CET 2010

Personally I'd list them in this order (of increasing dislike):

* -extends - this one doesn't really affect you unless you're using it
  yourself - the end user doesn't have to care (although writing a
  behaviour is probably just as good).
* packages - these can affect you if you're using a library that someone
  decided to use packages in but you can probably think of them as just
  modules with dots in the name.
* parameterized modules - these are the ones that really screw with the
  end user. I had a real headache when I first tried to use them in

Basicially since I wouldn't use any of them in any of my projects I
mainly look at them from the point of view of the inconvienience when I
try to use someone else's code that uses them.


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