[erlang-questions] user management code for a web site?

Roberto Aloi roberto.aloi@REDACTED
Mon Nov 23 16:48:28 CET 2009

Hi Joe,

> I want to make a web site :-)

> One thing I need is "all the junk to do with user management"
Fair enough

> This includes:
>    - signing up for a new account
>    - "I forgot my passport"
>    - quotas and accounting
>    - rejecting "bots" that sign up for false accounts
>    - being able to send mails to gmail/etc.
>    - CAPTCHA integration etc.
>    - etc. etc. etc.
> These needs are *generic* to many applications and have very little
> to
> do with the
> specific application concerned. Is there an Erlang applications that
> can do all of this?
> I'm not concerned with presentation issues, nor with which web
> framework to use.
> Nor with any backend issues of which data store is used as a
> persistent store
> for user data.
> I just need a generic interface. Is there such a thing in Erlang?

The Erlang Web framework offers an e_auth component. The idea is to have an e_auth interface layer and some specific implementations.
As far as I know they support dets tables and mnesia. They also have a LDAP implementation, even if I'm not sure they ever completed it.
More information here:


About the rest of your needs, I already have 80% of what you asked, but the code is not released yet. This will hopefully happen in the next couple of weeks.

I'm still missing CAPTCHAs. I was thinking about implementing an Erlang Web component for this:

I also would like to integrate my stuff with esmtp (so far I'm using my own mailer):


Let me know if you want to share some of this work.

> Failing this is there such a thing in any other language that I might
> learn from?
There are no languages other than Erlang and Music. Maybe Sicilian.


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