user management code for a web site?

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Mon Nov 23 16:16:02 CET 2009

I want to make a web site :-)

One thing I need is "all the junk to do with user management"

This includes:

   - signing up for a new account
   - "I forgot my passport"
   - quotas and accounting
   - rejecting "bots" that sign up for false accounts
   - being able to send mails to gmail/etc.
   - CAPTCHA integration etc.
   - etc. etc. etc.

These needs are *generic* to many applications and have very little to
do with the
specific application concerned. Is there an Erlang applications that
can do all of this?

I'm not concerned with presentation issues, nor with which web framework to use.
Nor with any backend issues of which data store is used as a persistent store
for user data.

I just need a generic interface. Is there such a thing in Erlang?

Failing this is there such a thing in any other language that I might
learn from?



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