[erlang-questions] hipe_bifs missing in R13B02

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Fri Nov 13 13:39:37 CET 2009

From: Michael Richter <ttmrichter@REDACTED>
> > Are you saying that ./configure --enable-hipe detects the missing m4,
> > notes it in its log, disables hipe, and finishes without error?
> > That would be a bug, it should error out due to the explicit option.
> >
> > Perhaps we should support --enable-hipe={no,auto,force}.
> >
> That is indeed what I'm saying.  And since the HIPE support is somewhere in
> the middle of the million lines of gibberish, and since the recursive
> structure of the projects gives no single point to look for logs, finding
> that particular problem was pure providence for me: I happened to catch the
> word "hipe" flicker by the screen after my fourth or so attempt to get a
> HIPE-enabled build and scrolled back to find the problem.  Without that
> lucky break I'd probably still be trying to find the problem.

./configure ... 2>&1 | tee conflog   (or |& for {t,}csh)

then inspect conflog with your favorite text file viewer

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