[erlang-questions] hipe_bifs missing in R13B02

Mikael Pettersson mikpe@REDACTED
Fri Nov 13 12:42:04 CET 2009

Michael Richter wrote:
> It also turns out to be really easy to build such a system even if you
> configure with --enable-hipe.  Building HIPE requires the m4 macro processor
> and if you don't have it installed the configure script makes a one-line
> mention of it deep in the thousands of lines of gibberish that gets spewed
> out.

Are you saying that ./configure --enable-hipe detects the missing m4,
notes it in its log, disables hipe, and finishes without error?
That would be a bug, it should error out due to the explicit option.

Perhaps we should support --enable-hipe={no,auto,force}.

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