accessing ets from the process on other node

sapan shah sapan.gcet@REDACTED
Mon Nov 9 08:16:39 CET 2009


I use digraph module to create graphs and apply some functions on it. The
digraph is internally stored as ets tuples.
I am using mapreduce architecture to speed up the computations on the
digraph (using plists.erl from Stephen Marsh).
So, When the graph is passed to a process on some other node on network, it
exits with error. (may be because it is not able to access the ets tuples)
Any solution???

Below is a small test example to generate the error

malt() ->
    [100, {nodes, [{'sap@REDACTED', 3}, {'sap@REDACTED', 3}]}].

test(G, List) ->
    Fun = fun(X) -> io:format("TROUBLE: ~p~n",[digraph:vertices(G)]),
lists:foldr(fun(_Y,ACC) -> ACC+1 end, 0, X) end,
    Fuse = fun(X, Y) -> X+Y end,
    plists:runmany(Fun, Fuse, List, malt()).

Also, PFA the plists.erl (from Stephen Marsh).

Sapan Shah
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