Stand alone erlang deployment

Jose Castro idiay_tuanis@REDACTED
Thu Nov 5 21:13:30 CET 2009

I'm sure this has come up before but here goes: Is there a "simple" way to deploy a program that is written in erlang in a system without doing an install that changes the environment or system files?

the context of the question is this: I work in accademia and do some consulting, a large transnational in Costa Rica (where I live) requires a system that manages processes that supervise each other over a network of machines, my obvious recommendation was erlang. The company has an identical configuration policy for factory machines, they are managed remotely, so it's desired not to change the environment, registry or any system files and directories, ideally the install should copy a file/directory in the machine, create an icon for clicking, and be up and running WITHOUT install.

Stand Alone Erlang is old, and reltool creates a minimal install, but an install just the same. Am I correct in this? I know there has to be a way, but for the company it's desireable for it to be simple.

As a side note, the lack of a simple stand alone creating tool is a hurdle for Erlang adoption in certain companies (like this one) with strict configuration policies (it makes it hard to sneak in an erlang solution without management knowing about it :), here they are most problably going to default for the tool they have in the stardard configuration (perl).



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