Elang discussions? - a call for a new format

Angel Alvarez clist@REDACTED
Thu Nov 5 19:53:32 CET 2009

El Miércoles, 14 de Enero de 2004 Mickael Remond escribió:
> * Joe Armstrong <joe> [2004-01-14 11:58:55 +0100]:
> > Here are some questions
> > 
> > 	1) Is this a good idea?
> I do not know. Splitting the discussion list might make it difficult to
> follow the discussions around erlang.
> > 	2) Who can host this?
> > 	3) What is the best S/W for the list
> > 
> > 	   Does anybody have any first hand experience here - what is the
> > 	   best S/W to run????
> We have some experience with running Sympa for several projects on our
> server (Erlang-projects). It is an handy, robust tool with a web admin
> interface (User friendly).
> We can host such a list on Erlang-projects.
> > 	   An alternative is a "write your own in Yaws"
> This could be an idea. Another solution that I thought about was mixing
> forum things with an NNTP back-end. Old school users can use a news
> reader to follow Erlang discussion. They could be publish in a forum
> like interface on the web, where authenticated user could contribute.
> I am think about writing that with Yaws (Web client for NNTP).

Seems that you guys did not split the erlang list after all.

So i managed to download the complete archive 1999-2009 for learning porpouses!!!

...dont program defensively!!!

.. let other proccess fix the error...

...threads use as much you can...

...Chitty chitty bang bang operators...

...Good desing nevers happens...

¡¡¡and many other lnterestings subjects!!!

I miss some links long gone now, but overall impresion is great!!!

So much good computer science and effort deserve a bit of gratitude.

Thanks to all!

Well i have to come back to the future,
All you have to do is drive my mouse directly toward that screen accelerating to 88 miles an hour....


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