[erlang-questions] erlang flagship product

Toby Thain toby@REDACTED
Sat Feb 28 01:28:00 CET 2009

On 25-Feb-09, at 7:24 AM, Richard Andrews wrote:

>> That said, I wouldn't mind other solid examples either. There are,  
>> of course,
>> successful projects and companies, but not as easy to reference.  
>> If you just
>> want a well-known, respected product/project to point at, how  
>> about ejabberd?
> Good example.
> It's medium size. Solid. Reasonably well known in software circles.

One sign of Erlang's maturity and success is that a lot (most?)  
people deploy ejabberd without even knowing Erlang or its runtime is  
under the hood. "It just works."


> IMO to get more people into FP we need to show its applicability to  
> small to medium sized projects (like ejabberd). Most projects start  
> off with modest ambitions.
> More examples?
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