[erlang-questions] erlang flagship product

Jan Lehnardt jan@REDACTED
Thu Feb 26 12:09:30 CET 2009

On 25 Feb 2009, at 16:17, Joe Armstrong wrote:
>> IMO to get more people into FP we need to show its applicability to  
>> small to medium sized projects (like ejabberd). Most projects start  
>> off with modest ambitions.
>> More examples?
> http://www.onscale.eu/scalaris.html
> Little know - prizewinning - brilliant - widely applicable - if every
> erlang user put a scalaris node
> on their machine we could build amazing systems!

Not to spoil the party, but quoting Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon*:

  Scalaris: under realistic failures scenarios, even with 3 phase paxos
  commit consitency can only be guarateed by not taking writes: unusable

                                       -- http://twitter.com/Werner/statuses/1008722501

* Of course Amazon is not the only valid use-case for a distributed
data storage system.

He doesn't explain "realistic" any further, and that's where crux lies  
his statement. It is nevertheless interesting.

Personally, the number one feature I'd like to see in Scalaris would be
persistent storage**.

**PS: Please do not take this as flame-bait because I happen to work on
a distributed database in Erlang that does have persistent storage and
chose to support a different set of CAP. Scalaris, or a Scalaris-like  
on top of other Erlang storage systems would be something I'd call a
tool to build amazing systems.

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