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Wed Feb 25 12:57:38 CET 2009

Hi Michael, what would you consider "non-niche situations"? Outside of telecoms, I think Erlang is currently making a strong showing in instant messaging: ejabberd, first of all, but also Facebook's own IM. And there seems to be lots of grass roots action in the web business. The Mochi* guys are doing fine stuff for instance.

Apart from Ericsson, Erlang is also being used internally by a number of telco carriers; for example, T-Mobile UK posts here from time to time. There are a handful of small companies (10-30 employees?) with respectable turnover and profitability here in Stockholm; there are also some companies in the UK, France, Spain, ... (Process One in France develops ejabberd.)

Regarding using Erlang to write the C, one approach is to compile Erlang to C. The original beam compiler did that -- search for "Turbo Erlang" -- as have a couple of others. Results are mixed and so far not worth the trouble over regular beam, IMO. (Alternatively, Joe could be using erlang as a DSL with a code generator, in which case I have no opinion :-)



I've heard this asserted many times.  I have seen literally zero evidence of it.  Where is this list of companies going out and kicking ass on the competition with their 133t coding skillz and Haskell/Erlang/*ML/whatever?  This isn't a flippant question.  It would be really nice to show large, successful companies using Haskell and/or Erlang in real-world situations that aren't niches.  (Erlang is pretty much pegged as a niche telecom language, for example, while Haskell is pegged as a language only eggheads like.)  Business cases would be far simpler to make if this could be shown.

I get Erlang to write the C for me :-)

This is an intriguing idea.  Care to blog on it?

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