[erlang-questions] The Beauty of Erlang Syntax

Rapsey rapsey@REDACTED
Wed Feb 25 12:50:33 CET 2009

2009/2/25 Michael T. Richter <ttmrichter@REDACTED>

> Trouble is most of the really-good erlang/Haskell programmers are too
> busy working
> in companies that are totally smashing all competition to be bothered to explain
> what they're doing.
> I've heard this asserted many times.  I have seen literally *zero*evidence of it.  Where is this list of companies going out and kicking ass
> on the competition with their 133t coding skillz and
> Haskell/Erlang/*ML/whatever?  This isn't a flippant question.  It would be
> *really* nice to show large, successful companies using Haskell and/or
> Erlang in real-world situations that aren't niches.  (Erlang is pretty much
> pegged as a niche telecom language, for example, while Haskell is pegged as
> a language only eggheads like.)  Business cases would be far simpler to make
> if this could be shown.

For my company, I can say we use a custom built streaming server written in
Erlang. If Erlang did not exist, we would not have the slightest chance in
hell of succeeding. Because we would be just another company offering
solutions built on top of technology everyone else is using and is limited
by, in a very crowded market.
I see no other technology in existance that comes close to offering the
speed of development and flexibility of Erlang. It fits our problem domain
like a glove.

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