[erlang-questions] Regex to match an empty string

Robert Virding rvirding@REDACTED
Tue Feb 24 01:18:11 CET 2009

Can't you instead just pattern match the string against "" or [] (they are
equal)? Using regular expressions for so simple patterns is really overkill.


P.S. Yes that is probably a bug.

2009/2/24 Vik Olliver <vik@REDACTED>

> I'm trying to spot a parameter that is an empty string. The weapon of
> choice is regexp:first_match/2 which is used in the code that parses the
> config file.
> In other worlds, "^$" matches an empty string. In Erlang, not so:
> 5> regexp:first_match("","^$").
> nomatch
> What do I use instead?
> Vik :v)
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