[erlang-questions] What database can I use with erlang to store 100M records and select single one in 0.1s

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Tue Feb 17 19:42:16 CET 2009

What are the types of the keys and records? Is there are systematic structure in
the keys? are the records fixed or variable lengths? How about using a SSD?

/Joe Armstrong

2009/2/17 Scott Zhang <getyourcontacts@REDACTED>:
> Hi.
> I opened a question about mnesia days ago. Now I am facing another question.
> I am going to scrape large amount of data and put them into database.
> Previously, my program was written in .NET/C# and saved the records into
> SqlServer, after 10 days running, I have 63M records in database which make
> SqlServer really slow, select single record need more than 1 minute which is
> unacceptable.
> And days ago, I tried to save 7M records in mnesia with table type=
> disc_only_copies. I tested , select single one from that talbe need more
> than 20 seconds which is unacceptable too. ( I don't want to conclude
> mnesia's performance is worse than SqlServer.)
> Lenz suggested me to use couchDB, just checked, couchDB depends on too much
> things and these depends make it hard to configure on window system.
> So here, does anyone has a good suggestion for a database can fit 63M(this
> time may get 2billion) and select one node within 1 sec?
> Thanks.
> Regards.
> Scott
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